We a have Vision

We are not just dedicated to recruitment. We are dedicated to Digital Marketing. We want to create a whole community within the Digital Marketing world to help businesses, society and individuals.

We look to recruit people who are…

  • Passionate and driven with what they do
  • Diverse in skills but an expert in what they do
  • Want long term careers
  • Result focused


Our organisational values are:

Results – We pride ourselves on always getting the end result from the brief given by our clients.

Speed – We pride ourselves on working hard, working quickly and diligently.

Long-Term – We see the big picture, and we want long term success based on long term relationships.

Our Mission

Daviesis is not just a Recruitment Agency, and it’s not just an SEO Agency. We are building a whole institution of members and individuals and those interested in Digital Marketing. Our mission is to help Digital Marketing Agencies grow with their staffing and information needs. Our mission is to help businesses worldwide get more business via Digital Marketing and generate more leads.

Digital Market Specialists

Daviesis started as a Digital Marketing Agency back in 2012. We know the market and our profession. We are not just recruiters. To this day, Daviesis is still operating as a Digital Marketing Agency.

In brief, we can recruit and help you attract the talent and candidates you want as we know the skills and markets ourselves; we are Digital Marketing.

What we ask from you

Talent, ambition, and drive. We want to work with the best, and we want to recruit for the best, and the only way to do that is by asking for and receiving clear objectives.

Once we know your objectives, we can agree on a schedule to get your desired results.